How to choose the right tool for door repair

Which Tools Should I Buy

Every now and then our clients ask us what is the best tools to buy?

My answer is always the same it’s depend on the the work that needs to be done.

For all the DIY guys out there I will try to to cover most of the industries related to door repair and unrelated like electrician auto repairs etc…

First of all we will start With Door repair Industry:

Door repair

I preferred for the power tools Makita Tools and the hand tools my preferred brand is Stanley. However Most of my coworkers like to Use DEWALT. Any one of is a good brand and we will recommend you buy one of them.

According to Jack Morel from Hamilton Garage Door Repair all tool will do the job but reliable and pro tools will make it faster also he mention that from safety reason all his team using DEWALT.


Locksmith need special tools that you can’t  find in the local hardware store. After researching and talking to locksmith companies in Hamilton area we came to conclusion that most of the locksmiths use ThinkPeterson Tools and you can find them here, Ron From Hamilton Locksmith Says That he using the tools for the past 5 years and never had a problem.


Everyone knows that electrician like to use Klein Tools and they come with life time warranty although they are expensive it’s worth the investment, Small or major appliance Companies  like to use Klein tool because of it’s durability and accurate measurements. However one of the tech we spoke with said the his appliance repair Company give all the technicians Flukes Tools. for my opinion both of the brands are very reliable and accurate.

Hope we helped you choose the right tools for your next DIY project,

Please feel free to replay if you have any question or concern,

Doorglassrepalacement Blog Team


Door repair Tips !

As a business or home owner, you do not have money to waste on expensive repairman so you probably will try to do it your self here is a few tips that might help you finish the job.


always use protective Gear like: Glove, eye protection, safety boots, hard hat.


Be familiar and learn how to use you hand / power tools correctly and safely.


Do not buy cheap parts for your door repair buy only oem parts.


Hinges The Needs lubrication use only oil base lubricant.


To adjust your door closer use the tech sheet ( you can find it online)


when handling glass be extra safe and always use tempered glass on doors.


if you feel you can’t finish the job do not take a chance just call a repairman
Give Them a call and one of their installers will be to your business / home within the hour. This means we can get the broken glass cleaned up and a solution in place as quickly as possible—so you can get back to business! the team is experienced and educated, so no matter what type of storefront you have, they can repair or replace your glass easily. 24 Hour Glass Service lives up to its name, as they do offer service anytime, day or night.

24 hour glass repair

thYou probably do not spend much time thinking about your windows and doors until you find one is broken or needs replacing. That is common—glass is a relatively low-maintenance portion of your home or business’s construction. However, from time to time, you will face broken glass or perhaps you will decide it is time to give your property an overhaul. When you need these tasks completed, you want to choose an expert to handle the situation.
AT 24 Hour Glass Service, Theystrive to provide all of the services you need to keep your glass looking perfect. Unlike some glass repair companies, we have a broad range of knowledge, allowing us to work on all types of projects. Some of our more popular services include:
• Storefront Aluminum & Glass – Whether you have a display window, glass front entrance, service windows or other glass features, we can repair your current storefront or work with you to create a new design that will be as attractive as it is functional.
• Glass Replacement & Repair – If you have a broken window or glass door, They provide quick and easy repair or replacement.
• Emergency Glass & Board up – When you have a broken glass emergency, you know who to call. They are often able to have an installer to your home or business within an hour, anytime day or night.
• Aluminum Doors Repair & Replacement –They can handle repairs and replacement on aluminum doors as well.
• Glass Mirrors – Large mirrors are beautiful and a great decorating choice; They install and repair all types of glass mirrors.
• Commercial Door Repair – Commercial doors require special care. Whether you have a frameless, standard glass or other style door.
• Home Window Glass Repair – They can repair home windows as well as those in commercial buildings. Whether you have a small crack or extensive damage, They have what it takes to get it back to looking its best.