Door repair Tips !

As a business or home owner, you do not have money to waste on expensive repairman so you probably will try to do it your self here is a few tips that might help you finish the job.


always use protective Gear like: Glove, eye protection, safety boots, hard hat.


Be familiar and learn how to use you hand / power tools correctly and safely.


Do not buy cheap parts for your door repair buy only oem parts.


Hinges The Needs lubrication use only oil base lubricant.


To adjust your door closer use the tech sheet ( you can find it online)


when handling glass be extra safe and always use tempered glass on doors.


if you feel you can’t finish the job do not take a chance just call a repairman
Give Them a call and one of their installers will be to your business / home within the hour. This means we can get the broken glass cleaned up and a solution in place as quickly as possible—so you can get back to business! the team is experienced and educated, so no matter what type of storefront you have, they can repair or replace your glass easily. 24 Hour Glass Service lives up to its name, as they do offer service anytime, day or night.

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